Victor and Emelie

Victor Klee birth cert

Victor’s birth

Antoine and Catherine Klee’s son Victor was born on the 21st February 1840, in the town of Trosly-Breuil, Oise.

The birth certificate identified his mother’s maiden name as Greffier. It also recorded that his father Antoine did not know how to write.

Translation of Victor’s birth certificate
In the year eighteen hundred and forty on the twenty first day of February before you Louis Antoine Larue, mayor and official of the civil service of the town of Trosly-Breuil, district in the province of Oise. The person appearing is Antoine KLE aged forty, a navvy (digger) and residing in this town and who has shown us a male infant born this day at 7 o’clock in the morning in their house in this town, certified by him and Catherine GREFFIER his wife with whom he desires to choose the first name Victor. The said declarations and presentations ended in the presence of the mayor and Jean Louis Lefevres aged fifty four, a teacher, and of Victor Fillon aged 35 connectier, both residing in this town. The applicant has told us he does not know how to write. The witnesses have signed the present deed with us. After reading it to then the ceremony is over.

Victor and Emelie marriage certificate

Marriage of Victor and Emelie

On the 2nd August 1864, in Villeparisis, France, Victor Klee, stonemason aged 24, married Emelie Josephine Boulonnois, a seamstress aged 17. Their marriage certificate provides a significant amount of information about their respective parents, where these people were living, and their occupations.

Victor’s parents are Antoine Klee and Catherine Greffier, but both are dead at the time of the marriage. Emelie’s parents are the late Francois Nicolas Boulonnois and Marguerite Vaubin, also living in Villeparisis, although her mother had remarried Richebourg Jean Baptiste.

Unlike their parents, both Victor and Emelie knew how to read and write. It seems that the original German spelling of the Klee name was changed to Klé in France, but returned to the Klee spelling after emigrating. It is also possible that this is just the way it was written in these documents.

Translation of Victor and Emelie’s marriage certificate
In the year eighteen hundred and sixty four at the appointed time in the morning before you, Charlemagne Chartier, deputy mayor of the town of Villeparisis substituting for the absence of the mayor and by special commission of the Registrar of Marriages appearing publicly in the main room of the town hall for the marriage contract of Victor KLE stonemason, aged twenty four years born at Trosly-Breuil (Oise) on 21 February 1840, living at Villemomble (Seine) of legal age and lawful son of Antoine KLE who died at Reims (Marne) 2 January 1848 and Catherine GREFFIER who died at Villemomble on the 20 September 1862. We have questioned the husband about the absence from the present marriage of his grandfather and grandmother. He has declared that they are no longer alive and the place of their respective deaths is not known to him and no one who is acquainted with him has any information on the subject. He affirms to you this declaration upon oath, in the same way as witnesses hereafter named. On the one hand.

And Emelie Jospehine BOULONNOIS seamstress aged 17 years born at Villeparisis on 7 June 1847 now living there with her mother. She is a minor and lawful daughter of Francois Nicolas Boulonnois who died at Villeparisis on 7 June 1858 and of Marguerite VAUBIN dressmaker aged 54 now the wife of Richebourg Jean Baptiste with whom she is living at Villeparisis. She is present and consents to the marriage. On the other hand.

You are now required to proceed with the celebrations of the planned marriage between them and whose proclamations have been published in Villeparisis on the main door of the town hall on the Sundays of 26 June and 3 July lasting until midday according to the law, and in the town hall of Villemomble on the same days and times as above and with the same result of no opposition to their marriage. We have questioned the bride and groom and their mother of knowing the consequences of you declaring that they have made a contract of marriage betwen them to which they have replied they do not. After acceeding to their requests we have made a reading of:

  • the birth certificate of the future husband
  • the certificates of the deaths of the father and the mother of the husband and the father of the bride
  • the certificate of no opposition to the banns
  • the discharge of the military service of the husband

All of them are fixed to the deeds of proclamation and sent to the present marriage ceremony of chapter six of the sermon of the Napoleon Institute of Marriage. Having asked the future wife and husband if they wish to begin the vows, both have replied separately and affirmatively. You have declared to us that according to the law, Victor KLE and Emelie BOULONNOIS are united by marriage in testimony whereof for us to draw upon the deed in the presence of the said Pierre Denis Chevon, farrier, aged 41 Auguste Prosper Yvon, teacher aged 35 both friends and witnesses for the husband. Prudent Hyacinth Pont pit sawyer, aged 45 cousin and first witness of the bride, and Auguste Xavier Rouyer, aged 43, house painter, friend and second witness for the bride. All four of the main witnesses are living in Villeparisis who together with the contracting parties have signed the present proceedings with you except for the mother of the bride who has told us that she does not know how to sign her name or spell it according to the law.

Children born in France

Victor and Emelie had at least four children born in France.

  • Their first child was Albertine Elisa, born on 2 April 1865 in Villeparisis, France (birth record) but appears to have died as an infant.
  • The second child was Victor subsequently known as “Albert” also born in Villeparisis on 11 July 1867 (birth record) .
  • Also born in France, were Emelie on 28 December 1872 and Louis on 28 May 1874; they were born somewhere other than Villeparisis that has yet to be confirmed.

Military Service

It has been recorded that Victor was a corporal in the French Army, and was involved in the Franco-Prussian War, and that the capitulation of the French Army at Sedan was the reason for choosing to leave France. Further details may be available from his army records in France.

The emigration of Victor, Emelie, and their three young children to New Zealand is detailed in Klee family in New Zealand.