Emile Klee


Emile’s birth certificate

Emile Klee was Victor and Emelie’s first son born in New Zealand at Waitati on 28 December 1876. Unlike his brothers Louis, Victor and George he did not volunteer to serve in the Boer War.

At this stage, not a lot is known about most of Emile’s life.

Marriage to Minnie Guy

Emile’s marriage certificate

On the 23rd April 1927, at the age of 50, he married Minnie Guy, in Darfield. His name is recorded as Emil on the marriage certificate.

Minnie Barrett was born in 1878 at Mt Somers. In 1900, she married Thomas Yates Guy, although it is not presently known whether they had any children. Minnie became a widow when Thomas died on the 3rd July 1923.

The electoral roll shows them living together in Cass, at least until 1931, but by 1935 Emile is recorded separately from Minnie, as a cook living at 13 Moreau Street, Dunedin South. By 1941 Minnie had moved to Papanui, Christchurch, and then to Hornby. She died in 1956.

Later Years

Emile Klee
Emile Klee

In the 1940’s he moved to Napier, first living at 9 Awatoto, Napier and Gloucester Street, Taradale with his retired brother Louis.

Emile died in Napier in 1950, aged about 74.