Goodman family

David and Louisa Goodman

David and Louisa Goodman marriage cert

Louisa was the oldest daughter born around 1819. On the 25 March 1846, she was married to David Goodman in Cardiff at the house of Mark Marks with the ceremony performed by Aaron Levy Green. David Goodman was born in Poland about 1820, and worked as a watchmaker. According to the marriage certificate his father was George Goodman, traveller. However, nothing else is known about David’s other ancestors.

David and Louisa had three children:

  • Theresa, 1847
  • Barnett Edward, 1847
  • Theodore, 1850
Barnett Goodman birth cert

It appears that Barnett and Theresa Goodman were twins. Barnett’s birth certificate shows that he was born on the 26th June 1848, in Pontypridd.

Theodore Goodman was also born in Pontypridd, in 1850.

The 1851 Census shows the David, Louisa and the Goodman children living in Bridge Street, Pontypridd, Wales. However, the Goodman family do not appear anywhere in Britain in later censuses, and may have emigrated.

In 1875, Barnett was the witness at his grandfather’s death (Barnett Himes).