Williams family


Faith and Farming

The family history of descendants of William Williams and Henry Williams is thoroughly documented in the publication Faith and Farming – Te Huarahi Ki Te Ora.

During their lifetimes the brothers Henry and William Williams, each in their own way, left indelible marks on the fabric of New Zealand society. They also founded families which, through succeeding generations, have played significant roles in the development of this country. In the New Zealand of the 1830’s Henry and William were concerned to provide for the future of their children, and they spared no effort to ensure that each was equipped with the best possible education. At the same time, Henry in particular, purchased land for his children, and this was to form the basis of their future as farmers. But, above all, Henry and William were missionaries. With the support of their wives, Marianne and Jane, their children were instilled with a deep faith and a commitment to honesty and justice.

(Source: Faith and Farming – Te Huarahi Ki Te Ora”, published by EVAGEAN Publishing in 1992 (ISBN 0-908951-16-7, 0-908951-17-5, 0-908951-18-3), extract from frontispiece.)

Te Are – The Encyclopaedia of New Zealand contains information about each of the brothers ; William Williams and Henry Williams. It also provides information on William’s wife Jane Williams and their son William Leonard Williams.