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The Klee family website is currently being resurrected – and it’s taking a while.

The good news is that the core genealogy data is all available; follow this link to go to genealogy data, or select TNG home from the menu above.

The not so good news is the that the pages with the family history stories and images are still a work in progress.


Hopefully the family tree on this website will provide you with a link to forebears that you have been researching, or perhaps other historical information of interest. As time goes by, more content will be added, and any assistance with this would be much appreciated.

This is the third iteration of the website that was first launched in 2002. This new format provides the opportunity to make more material available and accessible, including copies of photos, documents and other media – contributions will be gratefully accepted.

feature 1

Klee family in New Zealand. On the 18th May 1875, Victor and Emelie Klee arrived in Port Chalmers, Dunedin aboard the Wennington with their children Albert, Emelie and Louis.

feature 2

Klee family in New France and Germany. Mathais Klee, father of Antoine, born about 1799 in Bavaria, Germany, is the earliest known member of the Klee family.

feature 3

Foley family. Born in the United States about 1826, William Henry Foley – performer and circus manager was followed by three generations of entertainers in New Zealand and Australia.

feature 4
Himes family – also Bloom, Levi and Goodman in England Wales and New Zealand. Between 1819 and 1842, Barnett and Anna Himes had four daughters: Louisa (married David Goodman), Isabella (married Jacob Bloom), Leah (married Yomtob Levi Bensheton) and Sarah.

feature 5
Maclean (Lean) family in Cornwall and New Zealand. In 1845, the four sons of Robert Lean added the ‘Mac’ prefix to their name, although they had been farming as Cornish yeoman under the name Lean for many generations.

feature 6
Williams family in New Zealand. During their lifetimes the brothers Henry and William Williams, each in their own way, left indelible marks on the fabric of New Zealand society.

feature 7
Reid family (also Robb, McCurrach, Emslie) in Scotland and New Zealand. William Reid’s origins were in Banffshire, Scotland. His mother Jane Craib married David Robb after the death of his father Alexander.
As a settler in New Zealand, William Reid married Sarah Emslie, had a family of six children, and was rather successful as a farmer.